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Baking Essay Examples

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For many years, I have been interested in studying baking and pastry arts. I want to pursue a career in culinary arts and attend a college that will allow me to be creative and collaborate with people that share the same passion. To me education is the most important asset that you can have or…

Process Flow Case

Kristen’s Cookie Company You and your roommate are preparing to start Kristen’s Cookie Company in your on‐campus apartment. The company will provide fresh cookies to starving students late at night. You need to evaluate the preliminary design for the company’s production process to figure out many variables, including what prices to charge, whether you will…

The Art of Baking

Have you ever sensed that lovely smell of sweet chocolate cake or fresh warm bread coming out of the oven when you go to a coffee shop? Well, that urging feeling to eat it and taste it is caused by the art of Baking. Baking is a cooking method using prolonged dry heat, such as…



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Statement of purpose: Canada

I XXXX have successfully enrolled with XXXX, XXXX to pursue 2 years Diploma in Culinary Management in XXXXX Intake. I have decided to study in this area because when I started attending school, I was asked about what I wanted to be when I grew up and my answer always keep on changing ever since….

Use the information provided below to prepare the Cost of Good Manufactured Schedule:Bravo had the following costs as of Green shaded cells

Materials used in baking bread Bakers wages Rent for Executive Offices Sales Commissions Utilities used in the factory Advertising costs Delivery truck costs Depreciation on bake ovens Interest on bank loan Beginning Inventory Materials Beginning Work in Process Ending Inventory Materials Inventory Purchases Ending Work in Process Other Overhead costs Beginning Finished Goods Inventory Ending…

How to bake a cake

Store cakes are not as good as homemade cakes. The process of making cakes is very simple. The cook will need to know three things. The ingredients, the blending process and the time it takes to be fully baked. The ingredients can vary between the different types of cakes and the slight change in the…

Kristen Cookie Case

The case described about Kristen’s cookie company which provide freshly made cookies with variety of ingredients available to add to the cookies. The company is established in the on campus apartment. The cookies are made by 2 people, using a standard dough mixing equipment, tray and the apartment oven. Below is the explanation and evaluation…

Goals for Chefs

Goals are what shapes everyone’s lives to what they are. Whether it be an abundance or lack of them. Myself, I have planned many goals so I can become who I really wish to be. Without my little goals to guide me along the way, who knows where I could end up in this world?…

Cooking Is My Hobby

I enjoy cooking because it keeps me happy in my life. Whenever I feel sad or upset, cooking ease that for me in a big way. I started cooking when I was 6, but it was as simple as putting ham and cheese between 2 slices of bread and used my favorite condiment of maynaise…

Exemplification Essay

Every year my dad’s side of the family gathers for a family reunion at my god-mother’s house. My god-mothers house located far out in the warm, dry, deserted neighborhood in dusty Lemon Grove, where my family anticipates the grand event about to be rekindled once again, but I wasn’t looking forward towards the event. With…

Kristens cookie company

From the given data we can draw the following Process Flowchart The case analysis yields the following points 1. The time taken to fill rush order will depend on whether there are any orders that are being processed currently or not. Accordingly we will have two scenarios a). No order is being processed when the…

Process Design Matrix Summary

This summary entails three process design approaches for a service providing organization (Chaparral Suits Hotel & Resort) and for a small manufacturing organization (Something Sweet Bakery). Although process design varies for service and manufacturing organizations, “process design is a critical function in any operation” (Service versus Manufacturing Process Design Video). The three process design approaches…

Case Study General Mills Warm Delights

1. What is the competitive set of desserts in which Warm Delights is located? The competitive set of desserts that Warm Delights is located in is baking mix products such as cake mixes, brownies, cookie mixes, etc. Indulgence treat desserts would also be a competitive set such as Little Debbie or Hostess snack cakes, ice…

Business Plan For Sunshine Bakery

Sunshine Bakery will be specializing in visually attractive cupcakes and cakes. There has been a significant increase in demand for whimsical, overindulgent and visually stimulating cakes, and Sunshine Bakery will target special events such as weddings, birthdays, christenings, bachelorette parties and stork teas. The Products Sunshine offers a wide range of speciality cakes. All the…

Differences in Laminated Dough

Laminated dough is made by incasing fat in dough and taking it through a series of folds, rolling and turns. These things produce the layers of fat in between sheets of dough. The leavening in laminated dough comes most from the steam generated by the moisture from the fat. Three main types of laminated dough…

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Baking topics is a category of favorite topics for cooking lovers and people engaged in specialization connected to food issues. Baking is a process of producing desserts of other dishes, the process of preparation of which presupposes usage of an oven. Academic paper topic concentrated on baking embrace a variety of topic formulations. The list of the most popular themes includes cooking, the art of baking, the baking manufacturing companies, goals for chiefs, differences in dough preparation, etc. Baking research paper topics are similar to topics for essays, however, presuppose the more significant volumes of info.

Exists several structural and formatting demands, which should be preserved by the authors of baking topics essays and research papers. They are related primarily to the content and format. Concerning the content requirements, a paper has to be maximally informative and comprise related to the topic info.

While talking about the delivery of a research paper, it is necessary to conduct small research to gather all the essential materials and statistical data to satisfy the context demands. Concerning the formatting, it is standard. All papers should be written logically, coherently and grammatically correct. The structure presupposes availability of the intro part, main body, and a conclusion. A research paper should additionally encompass an outline, list of references, methods, results, discussion, etc.

Preservation of all structural components is a crucial factor influencing the quality of a paper.

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