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Manager Essay Examples

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Managerial Communications

Hynes introduces a calculated approach to managerial communication by dissecting it into three separate, yet mutually dependent functions. Hynes believes that with these approaches, management and employees alike can learn to adapt to one another to create an effective work force. The first layer is based on the idea that an employer and his employees…

Relevancy of Institutional Theory for Managers

Institutional theory is one the most renowned theoretical approaches to internationalization process of firms. From the 70s, there have been publications supporting and developing this theory by researchers such as Di Maggio, Powell, Scott, Meyer or Rowan. Nonetheless, some other alternative theories, such as OLI paradigm or TCE model, have also proven themselves quite significant….

The Human and Professional Values of Managers

The Human and Professional values of Managers: Impact on the profession Some values which can be related to good managers are truth; care, peace, justice and responsibility. Truth is something which is inborn in human behavior. Whether one lives by it or ignores it depends on his upbringing and surrounding factors. A person who has…



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Major Managerial Skills Needed by Every Supervisor

1.Identify the major managerial skills needed by every supervisor. Why are these important? The major managerial skills are technical, human relations, administrative, conceptual, leadership, political and emotional intelligence skills. The Managerial skills which are required by managers working at different levels of management. The top-level managers require more conceptual skills and less technical skills. The…

Managerial Personality

The characteristics of a person’s personality determine his leadership capabilities. Leaders from around the world all have distinct characteristics which define their leadership style and abilities. In a corporate culture, these personality traits can be capitalized upon to direct an organization towards its goals and to do so requires an in depth understanding of the…

Manager’s Function, Skills and Role

This page investigates the skills, roles and functions of Management. For any organisation to achieve the goals it has established and be successful it needs managers to correctly implement and understand the functions, skills and roles involved in the managerial process. How these are applied will vary depending on what level of management a particular…

The Manager as a Planner and Strategist

The Nature of the Planning Process: Planning is a process that managers use to identify and select appropriate goals and courses of action for an organization. The cluster of decisions and actions that managers take to help an organization attain its goals is its strategy. Thus, planning is both a goal-making and a strategy-making process….

Conflict Resolution (Team Dynamics for Managers)

A major conflict that appears in many, if not most, groups appears to be miscommunication or lack of communication. There are several solutions available to resolve miscommunication. Each member of a team has certain strengths and skills that help resolve occurring issues. When a team is confronted with miscommunication or lack of communication, having a…

Case Study for Emotional & Retional Manager

In philosophy, rationality is the characteristic of any action, belief, or desire, that makes their choice a necessity. It is a normative concept of reasoning in the sense that rational people should derive conclusions in a consistent way given the information at disposal. It refers to the conformity of one’s beliefs with one’s reasons to…

How to Become an Effective Manager

There is a lot of hard work and skills that need to be developed to become a real manager. Managers have several skills and talents they learn as they advance in the workplace, not all of them will develop the very simple and basic ability to be an effective manager. They have to do a…

Donald Trump Good Manager or Bad Manager

1. Work Hard – every speaker at every event like this, but the Don gives this more than the usual lip service. He basically said that everyone he knew that made a lot of money and was successful, worked 7 days a week. He suggested to the audience that if they wanted to succeed, they…

A Leadership Profile of American Project Managers

Although the needs and demands of clients have always been the highest priority for any project manager, increasing global competition, ever heightening client expectations, and the magnitude of the projects impact on a firm’s bottom line has begun to place greater emphasis on the skills necessary to successfully lead today’s project teams. Historically, strong technical…

The Blake Mouton Managerial Grid

The book bridges not walls edited by Stewart talks a lot on having dialogues with people especially in its eleventh chapter. Two articles in chapter eleven caught my attention because they all talk about ‘dialogues’. Dialogue is an important thing in the societies to do in order for people to understand and trust each other…

Why Should a Business Manager Be Moral

• If we want others to worry about whether their treatment of us is right and just and fair, then we have to worry about our treatment to them – this is called reciprocity (exchange) • Our concern for the quality of our own lives Trust, Commitment and Effort • Trust, Commitment and effort is…

Current Ethical Issues in Managerial Accounting

No company can nowadays afford to function alone. Partnerships are increasingly getting important and the effective exchange of information can determine profit or loss. An important method to cope with the increasing complexity is called supply chain management (SCM). It is enterprise-wide planning, management and control of all logistics tasks in the value chain. I…

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